At Trusted Senior Specialists, we enjoy celebrating days like today. We dress up and have some laughs but primarily, we are here to help you! Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services recommends seniors have abmedical review each year. Our licensed agents are ethical, professional experts in all things Medicare. We will gladly assist you with your… Read More


Good friend of ours, Carl Watson, stopped by the Trusted Senior Specialists office and shared a few funny stories with us. Senior Jokes with Carl Watson Be sure to share the video with friends!… Read More


Medicare Gals: What are Star Ratings? What are Star Ratings?  0:40 – How does CMS determine what the Star Rating for a plan is going to be? 1:00 – Does that mean the patient has an impact on the Star Rating? 1:53 – What is CMS looking for from the plan? 2:22 – How… Read More

Trusted Senior Specialists is holding an AEP gift card give away! How can you participate? Click on the image above or go to FREE* $10 GIFT CARD AND FREE PLAN REVIEW! to be re-directed to our Facebook page. Receive a free* $10 gift card when you schedule a free annual Medicare plan review. There is *no… Read More

In earlier entries, Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts today and Know the Risks: Breast Cancer Awareness, we shared some facts about this lethal form of cancer. Today, we share some signs that may indicate if you have the disease.Although routine self breast exams do not detect cancer the way mammograms do, they can help spot  signs you should not ignore:… Read More


Knowing how to recognize when a loved one may be suffering in silence is important, but so is knowing how to beat the blues. As National Depression Education and Awareness Month continues, we’d like to share some pointers on keeping depression at bay. One key way to reduce feelings of depression is to do something you… Read More