The American Psychological Association recently released a study regarding a possible link between improved health in older Americans and social media. “Close connections with others are likely to promote but can also sometimes detract from good health by shaping daily behavior that directly affects physical health,” said Lynn M. Martire, PhD, of The Pennsylvania State… Read More

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Last week, we discussed a few different video calling options including Skype, Google Hangouts and Apple’s Facetime. This week, Katy will share with you how to download and install Skype software onto your computer. She also shows you how to create a Skype account and how to sign in and out of that account. How… Read More

The Medicare Gals are currently on hiatus but they’ll be back soon with a new video library regarding New to Medicare topics. Medicare Gals Have a question for the gals that keep you in the know? Contact them at or call them toll-free at 1-855-474-6234.… Read More

According to a 2013 survey published by Gallup, funding retirement is the number one concern facing Americans. People have a reason for concern. Many traditional savings vehicles either pay very little interest or come with a lot of risk. Meanwhile, the price of everything from health care to gasoline to food continues to increase. One… Read More