Most Medigap policies do not have deductibles, but a few Medicare supplement plan levels do. These are plans F, K and L. Actually, plan F has a high-deductible option, and that option works similarly to K and L. With Plan F, the out-of-pocket limit is $2,140 this year, and the other plans are outlined below.… Read More

Remember that seniors may be more prone to dehydration and harmful overexposure to the sun than younger adults. Also, while some older people are very active, even the healthiest older people (and younger people) risk heatstroke during the hottest days of summer. Here in Houston, we experience plenty of hot days, but we still know… Read More

What apps should seniors use? This week’s Tech Tuesday with Katy is about apps that may be helpful for you. Lumosity – iTunes | Google Play AllRecipes – iTunes | Google Play iBooks – iTunes or Kindle – Google Play | iTunes Dragon Dictation – iTunes Magnifying Glass with Light – iTunes | Google Play… Read More

Medicare Part A and Part B help beneficiaries pay for many health costs, but they do not pay for everything. For example, not all possible medical services are even covered by either Part A or B. Even covered services might include copays, deductibles, and coinsurance costs. Many Medicare┬ábeneficiaries would rather predict and control their health… Read More

Our Turning 65 or New to Medicare series is the perfect video guide to learning the basics of Medicare. Medicare Gals: Turning 65 or New to Medicare – Medicare Penalties Watch more Turning 65 or New to Medicare videos: Part A Basics: Part B Basics: Part C Basics: Part D Basics:… Read More

In last week’s episode, Katy answered the question, What is an App?, now, watch as Katy shows you how to navigate the Mac App Store to download an app. Don’t own an Apple product? Let Katy know and she’ll make a video for your device. Call her toll-free at 1-855-474-6234 or email her at… Read More