Some seniors and disabled people need extra help with their care. In some cases, they might just need a little bit of help with daily care activities, usually called activities of daily living (ADLs). In other cases, they may need medical monitoring, supervision, or therapy. At Trusted Senior Specialists, we want to help you make… Read More

During open enrollment, you will probably get approached about many different Medicare health insurance programs. While the vast majority of people who approach you are licensed insurance agents who adhere to strict ethical and legal standards, it pays to be careful in order to protect your own identity and personal information. Of course, you can… Read More

These days, many children need required vaccines and health insurance cards to attend school and outside activities. The good news is that health insurance companies usually determine their rates by age, so you can find affordable health insurance for kids. Even better, private health insurance companies cannot decline children because of preexisting health conditions anymore.… Read More

The Medicare Gals nominated their CoWorkers In Success to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and we gladly stepped up to donate and take part in this fun activity. We’d like to thank our Partners in Success, Michael and Melinda Wilhelm, for offering to quadruple our donations to the ALS Association. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… Read More

Speaking with an elderly family member about driving can be one of the toughest jobs that a younger family member has to do. Many adult children may remember the first days of their own driving careers when a parent taught them how to handle a vehicle. But because of infirmities, some senior citizens really should… Read More

You may have heard all about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with donations going to ALS Association. Mary Dorn of the Medicare Gals was nominated and she has accepted the challenge. Watch this week’s episode to learn more about ALS, how you can qualify for Medicare and see Mary and Sondra get drenched! We would… Read More