Once in awhile, most people have a question that they would like to ask an attorney. In other cases, ordinary folks might need to draft up a simple contract to conduct some kind of business. However, calling a lawyer might seem like an expensive or intimidating thing to do. For people who own a smartphone,… Read More


The first interesting fact to share about Medicare is that this program will celebrate its 50th birthday on July 30th of 2015! This large federal health insurance program has grown and evolved quite a bit in the last half of a century. The original plan only had Part A and B, and today’s seniors can… Read More

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Social Security should be simple to understand. When people work, they pay into the program. When people retire or become disabled, they can collect payments. However, Social Security has evolved into a very complex system, and because of this, there are a lot of myths about the system. This article is part of our effort… Read More


Social Security Options for Singles   Married couples actually have more options when it comes to maximizing Social Security income payments and overall benefits than single people do. Even if you are no longer married, you should know that divorced spouses may even have the option of collecting spousal benefits. However, if you are single… Read More