The bad news is that the United States is in the midst of a diabetes epidemic. That is, if this condition were an infectious disease that could be passed from one person to another, that’s what it would be considered. Besides striking more and more adults, Type 2 diabetes is now showing up more… Read More

The truth is that Medicare fraud costs everybody money. If Medicare has to pay out more money because of fraud, the increases costs eventually get passed on to taxpayers and those who pay Medicare premiums. What’s scary is that it’s not average Medicare recipients knowingly or accidentally committing fraud. The people who commit the biggest… Read More

Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare! For those of you who still remember when Lyndon Johnson first signed this program into law in 1965, it might seem like the last half of a century has gone by pretty fast. While Medicare Part A and B would still be recognizable to somebody from the 1960s, plenty has changed.… Read More

Some doctors say that arthritis is the price that we pay in old age for being able to walk on two legs for almost all of our lives. Sadly, this condition affects almost half of all senior citizens to one degree or another. It’s also the most common cause of disability with elderly folks. While… Read More

Senior Man Eating Pizza in outdoor restaurant

  Actually, some studies have surprised doctors and scientists by demonstrating that carrying just a little too much weight might not actually be a bad thing for people in midlife or their senior years. According to an article on LIveScience, an extra few pounds might actually be protective in case of an illness that causes… Read More