Of all of the concerns that seniors express when asked about their situation, outliving their savings is one that comes up first and most commonly. A couple of factors make this concern more pressing than it was in previous generations. One is simply that people can expect to enjoy longer lives. The other is that… Read More

    Most senior citizens have some concerns as they adjust from their working lives into retirement. Even seniors who have been retired for years might still have these worries. It might help to know that the concerns that you or an elderly person in your family have are shared by many others. To help,… Read More

Assisted living facilities are residential homes for elderly or disabled people who need help with activities of daily living but not full-time medical care. That’s a pretty loose definition, but there really isn’t a standard for assisted living facilities. Some are very large complexes that also have independent and nursing care in the same building,… Read More

Even though people of any age could get caught in a fire or even trip and fall down, senior citizens are many times more likely to get seriously injured or even die from home accidents. That’s why it is extremely important to reduce the risk of household hazards in homes where senior citizens or disabled… Read More

Besides the fact that many elderly people would prefer to stay at home, home health care can be a good alternative to a facility. Home health care agencies can provide a variety of different services to fulfill the needs of different clients. For example, some elderly people may only need light assistance with routine needs, but others might… Read More

Some people assume that they can save money on health or nursing services for seniors by keeping them at home and just hiring a home health care agency to fill in the gaps. There is some logic to this. Family members might chip in by providing some housekeeping and supervision, and home health care agencies can… Read More