Even though both estate taxes and inheritance taxes are sometimes called death taxes, they are both very different. Anybody who needs to do estate planning should probably consider both issues in order to make sure that heirs get the maximum value from their inheritance. To help, we have provided a short explanation of estate taxes… Read More

Estate taxes, also called death taxes, are levied against the estates of people who have passed away. Most people don’t really have to worry about federal taxes because the IRS exemption is pretty high. Some states have these taxes too, and the exemptions are a bit lower. If you are responsible for transferring a large… Read More

About a third of Medicare recipients in the United States are expected to join a Medicare Advantage plan in 2016. Meanwhile, between a fourth and a fifth of U.S. beneficiaries plan to use a Medicare supplement to help enhance their health benefits. The rest mostly rely upon some other kinds of health coverage that include job… Read More