Annual Election Period 2014 is here

Today marks the start of Annual Election Period – Medicare beneficiaries can use this time to discuss plans with their agents and make their choices for the insurance care they’ll receive in 2014.

Obamacare, Medicare: How will ACA affect seniors?

What kind of changes can you look forward to in 2014?

  • Free wellness and preventative-care services.
  • Lower mental health costs. Plans must cover 80 percent of the cost of visits to mental health specialists. That’s an increase from 65 percent this year.
  • If your insurers don’t spend 85 percent of your premium on prescription drugs and health care, you could get a refund.
  • Drug discounts in the donut hole gap.
  • The Part D deductible will see a decrease from $325 to $310.

At Trusted Senior Specialists, we want our senior friends to be aware of all the changes that could impact their medical care. Last month, we shared other important details for the coming year in our AEP is coming, are you prepared? article.

We look forward to serving you during this upcoming AEP. You may reach us at 1-855-474-6234 or email us at

Have a wonderful day!