If you raise or provide a household for your grandchildren, your situation is more common than you might think. In the United States, almost 8 million children live in their grandparent’s or other relative’s homes. Sometimes parents also live in these homes, but sometimes parents are absent.

senior-grandchildrenBetween 2005 and 2010, the number of children who lived with grandparents and other family members increased by about 700,000, so this type of family is growing much more common. In fact, the situation is so common that a new term, grandfamilies, has been coined to describe it. The support of extended families can be beneficial to both children and their grandparents.

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Find support for grandparents raising kids
It isn’t always easy raising kids, and that may be especially true if you are raising a second generation of children. You may not be aware that you could qualify for some resources that are especially tailored to your unique family. USA.gov has information about all sorts of assistance on its grandparents raising children page.

    Some of these resources for grandparents who raise children include:
  • Social Security for dependent children of adults who qualify for Social Security
  • Student loans and grants
  • Counseling, support, and education
  • A tool to determine eligibility for different forms of government assistance
  • If your household has a low to moderate income, the children might qualify for CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program or a subsidy for a health insurance marketplace plan. Qualification rules vary by state, but registration with either your state’s health insurance marketplace or the federal one at HealthCare.gov should give you the right answers. Our licensed health insurance agents can also help you with any Affordable Care Act or Obamacare questions you may have regarding the children’s healthcare needs.

    We can help with children’s health insurance too
    Many top insurers offer child-only health insurance plans. Since rates are usually set by age, kids are usually pretty inexpensive to cover too. If you have questions about senior, adult, or children’s health insurance, you can also give us a call. Please contact us at 1-855-474-6234 or at info@ilovetss.com.