Do you remember your mother telling you to eat your vegetables? It turns out that was pretty good advice. A recent article in Forbes Magazine reported on an extensive dietary study in England. Study subjects who reported consuming more fruit and vegetables each day were less likely to die of any cause. Instead of saying… Read More

Loading TSS is staying healthy this flu season. Don't forget to get yours for free as a Medicare beneficiary. #flushot View on Instagram Medicare beneficiaries can start to get free flu shots this season. The blog posted a friendly reminder today, so don’t forget to schedule yours and stay healthy during the fall and… Read More

Remember that seniors may be more prone to dehydration and harmful overexposure to the sun than younger adults. Also, while some older people are very active, even the healthiest older people (and younger people) risk heatstroke during the hottest days of summer. Here in Houston, we experience plenty of hot days, but we still know… Read More

As a proud part of the Houston community, those of us at Trusted Senior Specialists experience plenty of hot and sunny summer days. If you have reached retirement age or help care for a senior, you should take particular care to avoid senior dehydration as the days get hotter. Actually, people of any age need… Read More


As part of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’d like to share with you a few facts about this debilitating disease. Looking for more infographics like these? Visit our Pinterest board: Senior Health.… Read More