Many healthy seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle, but others need long term care from residential care facilities or caregivers who can serve them at home. Today’s seniors (and families) might select options to live at home, in retirement communities, or even in residential long term care facilities. While some options don’t cost much more than… Read More

You may remember having to answer a lot of health questions in order to apply for life insurance in the past. However, having some health conditions to report does not always mean you will get declined for life insurance. The fact that you smoke, could stand to lose a few pounds or even take prescription… Read More

Do you remember your mother telling you to eat your vegetables? It turns out that was pretty good advice. A recent article in Forbes Magazine reported on an extensive dietary study in England. Study subjects who reported consuming more fruit and vegetables each day were less likely to die of any cause. Instead of saying… Read More

We love hearing from our senior friends! This letter came to use recently from someone in need of assistance with his health care options. One of our trusted agents was available and able to explain the possibilities for Mr. Rucinski. Speak with agents just like Roberto Medina by calling us toll-free at 1-855-474-6234 or by… Read More

Are you ready for 2015 Medicare? Depending upon your needs, you should keep track of some important dates both in 2014 and 2015 to make sure you don’t miss enrollment deadlines. We’ve outlined a schedule of important 2014 and 2015 Medicare dates below. At Trusted Senior Specialists, we want to help you make the most… Read More

Loading TSS is staying healthy this flu season. Don't forget to get yours for free as a Medicare beneficiary. #flushot View on Instagram Medicare beneficiaries can start to get free flu shots this season. The blog posted a friendly reminder today, so don’t forget to schedule yours and stay healthy during the fall and… Read More