Medicare Gals: AEP is coming, are you prepared? Senior friends, we’re coming up on that time of year again. Annual Election Period is from Oct. 15 until Dec. 7. It’s always a good idea to check how your benefits will be affected in the new year. You may find that a plan that worked for you… Read More


Have you ever wondered what LIS is and if you qualify for it? The Medicare Gals are here to help! Medicare Gals: All about LIS – Episode 2 0:25 – What is LIS? (Low-Income Subsidy) 0:39 – What does LIS do? 0:58 – Who is eligible for LIS? 2:02 – How do I apply… Read More

1. So you can complain If you love to complain in order to see changes, voting is for you. 2. It’s your right Others died for this privilege and now it’s your right. 3. Representation Who’s representing you? Find out and make sure your concerns are their concerns. 4. It’s your duty “Ask not what… Read More


Welcome to Medicare Gals! Hosted by Mary and Sondra, the Medicare Gals are here to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding all things Medicare! Medicare Gals: All about LIS – Episode 2 Questions answered in this episode: 0:24 – Do I have got get Part B if I’m still working? 1:03 –… Read More