denturesMillions of U.S. beneficiaries rely upon their Medicare benefits to provide them with very broad health coverage. However, it is a mistake to assume that this coverage extends to most routine dental services. In fact, dental coverage under Medicare is very limited. You can read about this limited Medicare dental coverage on the official website.


How to Cover Routine Dental Services for Medicare Beneficiaries


Medicare beneficiaries have these basic choices to get help paying for most dental services:


  • Some Medicare Advantage plans bundle in dental benefits that might be helpful.
  • Private insurance companies sell stand-alone dental insurance policies to Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Some companies offer dental discounts plans that can help members save money but are not actually insurance.


In addition, local foundations and governments often offer discounted dental clinics for seniors, disabled people, and others with low incomes. You might be able to help at a local senior center or other organization. For a nationwide ZIP code search for discounted dental clinics, visit


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