Before discussing how veterans benefits might help pay for long term care, it might be helpful to define what long term care usually means. This is a very broad term that typically covers everything from help with normal activities (Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs) to help managing illnesses and infirmities. This care could be provided by home caregivers, adult day care workers, or in a residential setting like an assisted living home or skilled nursing facility.

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What Veterans benefits cover Long Term Care?
The US Department of Veterans Affairs says that veterans must already be enrolled in VA health services in order to receive VA long term care benefits. They also say that anybody who served in the US military and left with anything other than a dishonorable discharge might be eligible for these benefits.

VA Long Term Care Benefits: The VA Medical Benefits Package includes both community-based and home care services. These may encompass everything from personal care aids to skilled medical caregivers at home. It also could cover adult day care and caregiver respite services. However, the VA does not pay for room and board in a residential facility like an assisted living or skilled nursing home. That said, some of these community-based or home care services could be sent to a residential care facility.

Service-Connected Disability Benefits: Veterans who suffer from a disability that is directly connected to their service might qualify for a monthly payment called VA Disability Compensation.

The important thing to understand is that these benefits are seldom automatic, and you must apply. Visit this VA page, Paying for Long Term Care, for more information.

How can you pay for Long Term Care in residential facilities?
In some cases, veterans may also qualify for Medicaid benefits that help pay for room, board, and other medical services. Medicare, the health program for seniors and disabled people, really only covers short term care. Others may pay out of their own pockets or use the benefits from insurance policies.

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