Some people may only be concerned with drafts during the winter. This is likely to be a time when people notice cold air coming in. However, sealing up drafts for summertime is critical in order to keep houses more comfortable and save money on energy bills.


Consider Calling a Pro to Spot Leaks

Professionals can bring in infrared camera equipment that will spot air leaks and drafts that you might never notice. These professionals might charge a few hundred dollars for their services. In some cases it is a good investment, or you can just start hunting for drafts in likely spots without professional services.


Seal Up Windows and Doors

The two most likely spots for air leaks are around windows and doors. The good news is that these are the easiest ones to fix with weather stripping and a caulk gun. Also remember to check the attic door because even a small gap can result in a large leak over time. You surely don’t want to pay to cool the attic unless you actually use it for living quarters.

 Consider the Walls and Ceiling

Beyond your attic door, you may also have leaks to your attic in your ceiling. Consider plumbing, electrical outlets, baseboards, light fixtures, and chimney shafts. Many decorative or functional home fixtures may also need sealing up in order to insulate your house better.

If you believe, for example, air leaks in or out around your baseboards, you can buy non-expanding foam to seal them up. If you aren’t sure exactly what to use up to seal up a particular leak, you can ask at any home improvement store for help. 

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