Does your vision of an ideal retirement include lots and lots of travel? If so, you are not alone, and you might even join millions of other retirees who live in the road in RVs and campers. It helps to have plenty of money to support a wandering lifestyle, but many retirees also supplement their retirement income and savings by working at seasonal or mobile jobs.

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Find mobile jobs to support your traveling retirement lifestyle
Freelancing online: Depending upon your skills and talents, you may very well be able to make a decent full-time or part-time income online. Bloggers usually earn income from advertisements on their websites, and that is exactly the tactic of the retired couple who run Your RV Lifestyle. There are also plenty of online freelancing opportunities for people with clerical, customer service, software, and writing skills.

Work-camping: Many resorts, all around the country, offer free or very inexpensive camping sites and pay for workers. Some resorts in warm climates are open all year, but many retirees enjoy migrating around the country as the seasons change. Work camping is not really limited to resorts and campgrounds either. These opportunities may also exist at large flea markets, theme parks, national parks, and even retail companies. For example, Amazon has a camper workforce program to help it staff up before the busy Christmas season.

Sales: Some types of sales are either perfect for travelers, or they can be adapted for people who prefer to live on the road. One popular example might be people who produce their own products and travel around to a variety of trade shows or craft fairs. Of course, some traveling sales people work as salaried, hourly, or commissioned salespeople for companies and sell intangible products too.

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