frustratedseniorMedicare wants to protect all beneficiaries. However, the official government organization can’t be everywhere all the time. They do take complaints from seniors and disabled people very seriously. If you have concerns about the care quality that you got from any provider, you should know that Medicare really does want to hear from you.


File Complaints About Medicare Providers


If you have been dissatisfied with your treatment by any sort of health provider, you might try contacting them first. Very often, these problems are the results of misunderstandings. You might be able to get your problem resolved faster at the source.


You might also see complaints referred to as grievances. This organization makes a distinction between grievances and appeals:


  • A complaint gets filed when people are unhappy about their quality of care or how they have been treated.
  • An appeal is filed if either Medicare or a Medicare health insurance provider refuses to cover a service.


Either way, you can learn more about the process and where to get help here on the Medicare Complaints page.


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