surprisedcheckbookSome people assume that they can save money on health or nursing services for seniors by keeping them at home and just hiring a home health care agency to fill in the gaps. There is some logic to this. Family members might chip in by providing some housekeeping and supervision, and home health care agencies can be hired just to provide necessary services. While this may work out less expensive than residential assisted living or nursing care, there is still a cost involved.



Estimating Home Health Care Costs in Your State


Of course, prices vary a lot by the type of service and area of the country. For example, average costs for a full-time home health care aide in New York are well over $50,000 a year, but less than $40,000 a year in Idaho. To find estimated costs for a home health care aide in your state and city, you can start with this home health care costs map on


To use the map, you can click your state and then find different cities and areas of the state. From there, you can find average costs for part-time or full-time care. The page will give annual, monthly, or daily figures. It is also possible to get home health care by the hour for those who only need part-time services.


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