seniorcouplesalesBesides the fact that many elderly people would prefer to stay at home, home health care can be a good alternative to a facility. Home health care agencies can provide a variety of different services to fulfill the needs of different clients. For example, some elderly people may only need light assistance with routine needs, but others might need skilled nursing or therapy. Clients can pay for the kind and amount of help that they need. They can also change services as needs change.


Things to Learn About Home Health Care Services


In order to enjoy peace of mind, it pays to check out a few local home health care agencies to find the one that satisfies you. These are some things to explore before deciding which one to use:


  • Find out how employees are screened: You won’t enjoy much peace of mind unless you are sure that the people who come to take care of your elderly loved one are qualified, experienced, and dedicated to the health and happiness of their clients. Also, agencies should have their employees insured and bonded.
  • Make sure it really is an agency: Some home health care services may be little more than employment services and not really employers with their own qualified staff. That means that you will actually become the employer. You probably don’t have the qualifications or desire to become an employer of health care workers.
  • Look for full-service home health care agencies: Clients have different needs, and it’s likely that the needs of your own loved one will change over time. It’s a lot more convenient and reassuring to be able to use the same agency for different services than to have to keep looking for a new one.
  • Find out about reliability: Some agencies really do have problems with no-shows, and you don’t want to risk your loved one’s health with an agency that doesn’t ensure that providers arrive when they are supposed to.
  • Learn how the agency communicates: These agencies are supposed to help coordinate care with health providers and keep responsible family members updated.


Medicare might cover home health care, but only if a doctor orders it. Even though Medicare Advantage plans or supplements might also provide coverage, they generally follow the same rules as Medicare does. If you have questions about Medicare health insurance, call us at 855-474-6234 or book an appointment here.