These days, many children need required vaccines and health insurance cards to attend school and outside activities. The good news is that health insurance companies usually determine their rates by age, so you can find affordable health insurance for kids. Even better, private health insurance companies cannot decline children because of preexisting health conditions anymore. Many families cover both adults and children, but this is not always possible or even ideal.

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Who needs health insurance for children?
For many families, including children on a parent’s plan is the best solution. However, there also are many exceptions. For example, some parents are divorced, and the parent who needs to buy medical insurance for kids may not even live in the same city as the children. In many other cases, children live with their grandparents or other family members. Finally, some employer-based medical plans do not include employees’ children, or make it very expensive to extend coverage.

What is the best health insurance for children?
The best health insurance solution really depends upon your child’s medical needs and your budget. Consider some examples to help you understand how choosing the right solution really depends upon your unique family.

  • Healthy families: If your kids are usually fairly healthy, you might choose health insurance with a fairly high deductible and lots of cost sharing. Even though you may have to pay more bills out of your own pocket, premiums should be fairly low. High-deductible major medical can provide an affordable way to protect your family from large bills generated by major illnesses or injuries.
  • Chronic diseases and health conditions:If you have children that need help with chronic illnesses, you might choose a more robust health insurance policy that offers doctor’s office copays, low deductibles, and easy access to specialists. You will pay more for premiums each month, but you can control medical expenses better.

PPO plans for children
Many consumers choose preferred provider network (PPO) health insurance. This type of health insurance uses a plan network of health providers to help reduce medical costs and give plan members good access to doctors, hospitals, prescription drugs, and other medical services. PPO plan members get the best coverage when they choose to use network doctors. However, they are also free to visit non-network providers and still get covered at a lower level.

PPOs are different from HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations). If you belong to an HMO, you virtually always need to see a network doctor in order to get services covered at all. HMOs might make exceptions for emergencies or other rare situations, but you should expect to see a network provider almost all of the time. With most PPOs, you also do not need a referral from a primary care doctor to see a specialist like you do with an HMO.

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