ss picThe good news is that social security payments are safe from the vast majority of creditors. According to MarketWatch, people who get behind on a credit card or car loan don’t have to worry about having social security income garnished. Creditors are not even allowed to take it out of a bank account for two months after receiving it, and this should give those people who rely upon that income to buy food and pay the light bill ample time to spend it


Who Can Garnish Social Security?


The MarketWatch article says that social security might not be safe from garnishment in these cases:


  • Federal taxes that are unpaid
  • Child or spousal support that was ordered by a court and not paid
  • Restitution for the victim of a crime that was ordered by a court and not paid
  • Federal debts, like unpaid student loans


While your social security income is safe from most creditors, you may need assistance if your debt is either from a court order or from the federal government.
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