Medicare has been cracking down on Medicare fraud. Yearly Medicare fraud costs taxpayers and Medicare beneficiaries lots of money. The severity of the crimes have been uncovered and have left people in shock. The latest Medicare fraud news is about a man in New Jersey who just admitted his part in a crime that defrauded the federal health program out of $7 million.

This scheme was run out of a home health care agency that created bogus service records and sent out unqualified home health care aids for any services that they did provide. Charges included tax evasion, money laundering, and health care fraud conspiracy. Apparently, the business owner did pretty well with his scheme as he needs to sell six properties, some with homes, in New Jersey and New York.

This underlies the importance of checking out any home health agencies that you might consider doing business with. Find out how service providers have been vetted and qualified. Also, ask to see exactly what Medicare or health insurance companies are getting billed for. If a company is willing to defraud Medicare, it’s also likely they don’t have their client’s best interest in mind.