senior-housingMany healthy seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle, but others need long term care from residential care facilities or caregivers who can serve them at home. Today’s seniors (and families) might select options to live at home, in retirement communities, or even in residential long term care facilities. While some options don’t cost much more than living in a private home, others can cost thousands of dollars a month.

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How Much Does Long Term Care Cost? published some average costs of different types of long term care in the US for 2012:

  • Nursing homes: Over $6,000 a month
  • Assisted living residential care: Over $3,000 a month
  • Home health care aids: About $21 an hour
  • Adult day cares: About $67 a day

Independent Living
In independent living communities, residents get their own apartments or even small detached homes. While residents can prepare their own meals in private kitchens, the community may also offer community meal plans. Typically, independent living communities and complexes welcome relatively healthy seniors, and community members can come and go as they please. The complex may offer some extra conveniences like transportation, social events, group outings, entertainment, and concierge services.

These are usually private pay, and the price may be about the same as similar housing arrangements in the local area. Some independent living communities may be subsidized for low income residents. Some seniors may also get extra help from home health or personal care aids just as if they lived in their own private homes.

Assisted Living
Assisted living communities serve seniors who can no longer function independently. By providing meals, activities, supervision, and personal care aids, these residential facilities are meant to provide a safe and healthy housing option for seniors who cannot perform one or more activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLS include  grooming, meals, bathing, taking prescription on time, and mobility.

While personal care aids might supervise medication and monitor a patient’s health, they are not always medical professionals. Some assisted living facilities do have a nurse on staff and a doctor that makes regular house calls, but that is not a requirement. Typically, assisted living homes will also offer transportation to take seniors to medical appointments. They may also offer outings and a variety of entertainment and social activities.

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes provide the highest level of care outside of an actual hospital. In addition to providing the personal care assistance of an assisted living facility, they do have medical professionals on staff for 24/7 medical supervision. Nurses might be on staff at all times, and a doctor is usually on call for emergencies.

Home Health Care
Home health care service providers may offer many different levels of services for seniors with different needs. These care levels could range from personal care aids who come for a few hours a week to help with light housekeeping, offer transportation to appointments, and provide companionship to occupational and physical therapists to actual nurses who stay on duty 24/7.

Home health care aids might be a good solution for seniors who want to stay in their homes. For elderly people who only need a few hours a help a day or a week, they may work out cheaper. However, seniors who need 24/7 care will probably find that residential care facilities are more affordable.

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