Speaking with an elderly family member about driving can be one of the toughest jobs that a younger family member has to do. Many adult children may remember the first days of their own driving careers when a parent taught them how to handle a vehicle. But because of infirmities, some senior citizens really should not operate cars on their own any longer. In this case, discussing the topic of transportation could become a matter of life or death.

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How to have the conversation about senior driving
According to one AARP poll, many adult children said that discussing driving with their parents would be tougher than bringing up the topic of funeral plans or selling a family home. To many seniors, driving represents freedom and independence, and they may resent having their own kids discuss their driving habits with them.

Also, it is important to realize that age is not the reason that seniors should be asked to stop driving. For example, seniors are actually in the age group that is responsible for fewer motorist and pedestrian deaths than any other. However, the are also in the mostly likely age group, besides very young drivers, to cause a serious accident. Seniors are also likely to be cautious and avoid driving under bad weather conditions.

It is just that some age-related infirmities, like a loss of hearing and eyesight, or even certain prescription medications, might interfere with driving abilities. Also, even though seniors may have decades of experience behind the wheel, frailty may make them much more likely to get seriously injured in an accident.

These are some tips to approach seniors about their driving:

  • Senior driving classes: AAA, for example, offers senior driving safety classes. Not only can these classes help remind senior citizens about good driving tips for almost anybody, they can also suggest ways to cope with slowing reflexes and other issues. Some classes also have trained evaluators and counselors that can help families begin a conversation about giving up driving.
  • Offer alternative transportation: Don’t wait until after you confiscate car keys to assure grandma or grandpa that they have alternative transportation when they need it. Offer rides, suggest paying a caregiver to provide transportation for important appointments or errands, research public transportation options, and check out vans operated by local community centers.

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