We want all of our friends and clients on Medicare to take care of themselves. To help, we hope to take a little time to make sure you know all about the preventative services that Medicare covers. Coverage for preventative services has improved lately, so it might be time to take a second look at both Medicare and your senior health plan.
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Medicare covers more Preventative Services

If you want to know if a specific diagnostic test, service, or screening gets covered by Medicare, you can always visit the Medicare.gov list of preventative services. The page lists dozens of different covered services, and it also has a handy search function that you can use to learn more about specific tests. Examples of covered services range from diabetes screenings to nutritional counseling to smoking cessation visits with a doctor.

Examples of Medicare-covered shots
This is a good time of year to make certain that you have immunizations to help you stay healthy too. These are some examples of covered shots:

  • Flu shots: Covered every year during flu season in the winter and fall
  • Hep B: Covered for people with a high to medium risk of developing Hepatitis B
  • Pneumonia shots: Covered once for most people

Your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement may also increase your coverage for screenings, tests, and other preventative services. Your plan booklet should help you understand your coverage.

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