Some doctors say that arthritis is the price that we pay in old age for being able to walk on two legs for almost all of our lives. Sadly, this condition affects almost half of all senior citizens to one degree or another. It’s also the most common cause of disability with elderly folks. While it might not be possible to avoid arthritis at all during the course of a long time, experts on aging say that there are good ways to delay and reduce arthritis symptoms.



Tips to Reduce Arthritis in Seniors


These tips should actually get practiced well before a person becomes elderly. While older people may suffer more from the pain of this disease, the damage begins when people are much younger. To delay, ward off, and prevent arthritis, consider these suggestions from WebMD:


  • Wear sensible, supportive, and cushioning shoes most of the time.
  • Stop exercising when you feel pain. The old adage, “no pain, no gain” really isn’t true and actually can be very bad advice.
  • Manage your weight. Even an 11-pound weight difference has been demonstrated to reduce the chance of developing arthritis in the knees by about half.
  • Enjoy plenty of food with calcium and Vitamin D and consider supplements.
  • Reduce the use of alcohol and tobacco.


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