Medicare fraud costs us all money in the form of possibly higher taxes and premiums. Not only does fraud waste money, it might even involve harm to patients who aren’t given the care they need or receive unnecessary care with potential side effects. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services even has an entire website dedicated to this problem at


What Everybody Should Know About Medicare Fraud


According to, the government loses billions of dollars each year to fraud. When the government loses money, this means that we all lose money in wasted taxes and Medicare premiums. No doubt, some of these losses also have to be absorbed by private Medicare insurance companies, so premiums for Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage get increased.


It isn’t likely that average Medicare beneficiaries are knowingly participating in this criminal abuse of the system that is supposed to help senior citizens and disabled people get access to proper health care. However, Medicare recipients may be victims of fraud and able to report it. Learn more about how to report suspected Medicare fraud here.


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