Medicare Special Needs Plans, also called SNPs, are similar to Medicare Advantage plans. However, they are only open to people who satisfy for the specific criteria of the plan. The idea behind these plans is that they are tailored for Medicare beneficiaries with specific issues, so these plans may serve people with those unique needs… Read More

February is Heart Disease Awareness Month. Did you think that breast cancer or some other disease was the top terminal illness in women? Think again. Be informed with the infographic below. Share it with those you love.… Read More

In earlier entries, Breast Cancer Awareness Month starts today and Know the Risks: Breast Cancer Awareness, we shared some facts about this lethal form of cancer. Today, we share some signs that may indicate if you have the disease.Although routine self breast exams do not detect cancer the way mammograms do, they can help spot  signs you should not ignore:… Read More


Knowing how to recognize when a loved one may be suffering in silence is important, but so is knowing how to beat the blues. As National Depression Education and Awareness Month continues, we’d like to share some pointers on keeping depression at bay. One key way to reduce feelings of depression is to do something you… Read More

You may have noticed an increase in discussions about breast cancer awareness since today is the first of October. But how many of us in the senior community really focus on the preventative accepts of this disease? According to the CDC’s The State of Aging and Health in America 2013, mammograms for women aged 65 or… Read More