1 in 3 Cancer deaths could be prevented if smokers quit. Interested in smoke cessation? Part B (Medical Insurance) covers up to 8 face-to-face visits in a 12-month period to help you drop the habit. Medicare Advantage Plans also have programs available. These services must be provided by an approved physician or other Medicare-recognized practitioner. All Medicare beneficiaries who… Read More

Have you been seeing more pink around you these days? Many organizations and companies are promoting the need for Breast Cancer Awareness. Now is the time to educate yourself of the risk factors and take preventative action. Are you at risk?The Mayo Clinic staff lists these risk factors, among others, as increasing your risk for breast cancer:Family… Read More

Article courtesy of The Medicare Blog. Did you know colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States among cancers that affect both men and women?? If everyone 50 or older got screened regularly, as many as 60% of deaths from this cancer could be avoided. In most cases, colorectal cancer develops from… Read More