Both Medicare Advantage and Part D plans come from private companies that must be approved by CMS. However, Medicare rates these plans each year. They use a five-star rating system and publish rankings at the beginning of open enrollment each fall. These ratings are actually very important to consumers and insurance companies.  Medicare’s 5-Star Medicare… Read More


Medicare Special Needs Plans, also called SNPs, are similar to Medicare Advantage plans. However, they are only open to people who satisfy for the specific criteria of the plan. The idea behind these plans is that they are tailored for Medicare beneficiaries with specific issues, so these plans may serve people with those unique needs… Read More

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Even though these definitions are not 100 percent correct, it is fair to say that most people define Medicare Part A as hospital insurance and Part B as medical insurance. This outlines some of the basic charges for these Medicare health benefits: Most Americans qualify for free Part A based upon their own or a… Read More


The first interesting fact to share about Medicare is that this program will celebrate its 50th birthday on July 30th of 2015! This large federal health insurance program has grown and evolved quite a bit in the last half of a century. The original plan only had Part A and B, and today’s seniors can… Read More


Is your plan ending due to termination, cancelation or is it being sanctioned? What do those terms mean? Let the Medicare Gals explain it all. Medicare Gals – Is CMS terminating, canceling or sanctioning your Medicare plan? – Episode 8 http://youtu.be/LPG_Xb72NaA What about when the health care plan or doctor terminate their relationship? Episode 9… Read More


Medicare Gals: What are Star Ratings? http://youtu.be/oRiBkhg0Nb4 What are Star Ratings?  0:40 – How does CMS determine what the Star Rating for a plan is going to be? 1:00 – Does that mean the patient has an impact on the Star Rating? 1:53 – What is CMS looking for from the plan? 2:22 – How… Read More