Even though a lot of Medicare beneficiaries are just getting settled into their 2015 Medicare Advantage and part D drug plans, some folks are already looking forward to changes in these programs for 2016. Since CMS has finalized their updates in April of 2015, they have also been able to release some projects for next… Read More


The first interesting fact to share about Medicare is that this program will celebrate its 50th birthday on July 30th of 2015! This large federal health insurance program has grown and evolved quite a bit in the last half of a century. The original plan only had Part A and B, and today‚Äôs seniors can… Read More

For many Americans, finally making it to Medicare age is somewhat of a right of passage. Why not? Working Americans have paid into this system most of their lives, and now it is time to reap the benefits. Just to ensure that you are familiar with the enrollment process for Part A and Part B,… Read More

Trusted Senior Specialists received this wonderful letter on behalf of a grateful client. One of our top trusted agents, Lazaro Vargas, was able to assist Mr. Garza and his mother with their medical insurance concerns. Trusted Senior Specialists is here to serve all our clients with the same patience and care as Lazaro did with… Read More

Medicare Gals – Social Security http://youtu.be/cGMTfaJ14Ng 1:11 – How does one go about telling Social Security they’d like to start receiving their Medicare benefits? 2:59 – You stated that full retirement age is no longer 65. Full retirement age is now 66. Medicare age is still 65. Is that why Social Security doesn’t know that… Read More

Our Turning 65 or New to Medicare series is the perfect video guide to learning the basics of Medicare. Medicare Gals: Turning 65 or New to Medicare – Medicare Penalties http://youtu.be/dQ0CKd1OAZo Watch more Turning 65 or New to Medicare videos: Part A Basics: http://youtu.be/VVTvJbEGQL0 Part B Basics: http://youtu.be/Nvv-76xwSU0 Part C Basics: http://youtu.be/qjZG-h-5HJc Part D Basics:… Read More