Remember that seniors may be more prone to dehydration and harmful overexposure to the sun than younger adults. Also, while some older people are very active, even the healthiest older people (and younger people) risk heatstroke during the hottest days of summer. Here in Houston, we experience plenty of hot days, but we still know… Read More

This weekend, a 91-year-old woman completed her 15th marathon, and in the process created a record in her age group. She didn’t run her first marathon until she was 76! Post by Trusted Senior Specialists, LLC. Harriette Thompson is a two-time cancer survivor and plans to continue training with the hopes of running a marathon… Read More


We enjoyed spending time with members of our community yesterday at a Health & Wellness Fair held in Fort Bend County. Medicare Gals: St. Patrick’s Day – Health & Wellness Fair We’d like to thank The Providence Home Health & Hospice, Inc. for inviting us to participate at the fair. If you would like… Read More


Knowing how to recognize when a loved one may be suffering in silence is important, but so is knowing how to beat the blues. As National Depression Education and Awareness Month continues, we’d like to share some pointers on keeping depression at bay. One key way to reduce feelings of depression is to do something you… Read More

The irony of February is that while we spend tons of cash trying to make our hearts happy, we spend no time at all trying to make our hearts healthy. February is known as the Month of Love, and also marks the time of year when we try and focus on the disease that is responsible for the most deaths… Read More