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Of all major medical insurance options in an area, HMOs are usually the cheapest. This is true if you consider monthly premiums and if you consider potential expenses for copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance. However, insurance companies control costs by imposing lots of rules. The Advantages and Disadvantages of HMOs The biggest disadvantage of an HMO… Read More

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Medicare expects membership in Medicare Advantage plans to keep growing as a percentage of all beneficiaries. For 2015, about one in three beneficiaries decided to join one of these plans. As open enrollment for 2016 is only a few months away, there might be some information from 2015 plans that can help recipients find the… Read More

 Most people would rather talk about anything other than funerals, but these costs can  burden most middle-class families. However, you and your family can plan ahead and one  way to do this is to find an affordable final expense insurance policy. Additionally, many  seniors are relieved and happy to find a solution for their funeral… Read More

Seniors turning 65 or older: We’d love to hear what matters to you when you’re enrolling in a health care plan. Click on the link below to answer a brief survey. First 50 responses will receive a $10 gift card from us as a thank-you for participating. Be sure to share this link with others. Senior Health… Read More