Here is another handy website that you can visit to find local resources that may help you or a loved one remain independent at home despite aging or a disability: The prominent feature of the site is a lookup form that delivers results right to your computer monitor, tablet, or smartphone. You can search… Read More

Before discussing how veterans benefits might help pay for long term care, it might be helpful to define what long term care usually means. This is a very broad term that typically covers everything from help with normal activities (Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs) to help managing illnesses and infirmities. This care could be… Read More

Many healthy seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle, but others need long term care from residential care facilities or caregivers who can serve them at home. Today’s seniors (and families) might select options to live at home, in retirement communities, or even in residential long term care facilities. While some options don’t cost much more than… Read More

Some seniors and disabled people need extra help with their care. In some cases, they might just need a little bit of help with daily care activities, usually called activities of daily living (ADLs). In other cases, they may need medical monitoring, supervision, or therapy. At Trusted Senior Specialists, we want to help you make… Read More