Medicare fraud costs us all money in the form of possibly higher taxes and premiums. Not only does fraud waste money, it might even involve harm to patients who aren’t given the care they need or receive unnecessary care with potential side effects. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services even has an entire… Read More

The truth is that Medicare fraud costs everybody money. If Medicare has to pay out more money because of fraud, the increases costs eventually get passed on to taxpayers and those who pay Medicare premiums. What’s scary is that it’s not average Medicare recipients knowingly or accidentally committing fraud. The people who commit the biggest… Read More

One of the positive aspects of health reform on Medicare is the reduction of fraud. In fact, Medicare says that savings from the reduction of waste, abuse, and outright Medicare fraud have helped extend the Medicare Trust Fund for another 15 years. In the past, many senior citizens were duped into cooperating with criminals who… Read More

Article courtesy of The Medicare Blog. Medicare fraud affects everyone. You can team up with Medicare to help. Our Senior Medicare Patrol volunteers are teaching people like you to spot, report, and stop fraud, and protect themselves from identity theft. Here are some things you can do: Guard your Medicare and Social Security numbers. Treat them like… Read More

Article courtesy of The Medicare Blog. By Marilyn Tavenner, Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Each day, you make decisions about your finances, health, privacy and more. It’s important to protect yourself and make the best choices for you, especially when it comes to your Medicare. During National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW),… Read More