One traditional way for Medicare beneficiaries to control the large gaps in coverage left by Part A and Part B of traditional Medicare has to been to purchase a Medigap policy, also called a Medicare supplement. One good thing about these policies is that they have been pretty standard in most states since the last… Read More

The summer months are a wonderful time of the year to travel, but don’t forget to keep yourself safe and healthy during any time away from home. This week, we revisit a previous Are you covered by Medicare if you travel? Watch more Medicare Gals videos at or search our blog category, “Medicare… Read More


Yes, you should. The costs you may incur will be dependent upon your plan and coverage. Medicare Gals: On Vacation – Season 2 Episode 1 – 1-855-474-6234 The Medicare Gals shot a special travel episode during a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico. Questions answered in this episode: Does Original Medicare (Part A and Part… Read More

important-medicare-message – 1.855.474.6234 An important message for people on Medicare, Social Security, with a disability or chronic special need: Annual Enrollment Period, known as AEP, is a 45-day period from Oct. 15 — Dec. 7, this is when you can make changes to your Medicare health and prescription plan. Millions did not change their coverage and… Read More