Happy 50th Birthday, Medicare! For those of you who still remember when Lyndon Johnson first signed this program into law in 1965, it might seem like the last half of a century has gone by pretty fast. While Medicare Part A and B would still be recognizable to somebody from the 1960s, plenty has changed.… Read More

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Even though these definitions are not 100 percent correct, it is fair to say that most people define Medicare Part A as hospital insurance and Part B as medical insurance. This outlines some of the basic charges for these Medicare health benefits: Most Americans qualify for free Part A based upon their own or a… Read More

Working past traditional retirement age used to be uncommon. The Department of Labor Statistics estimated that about 15 percent of people over 65 still worked in 2006. Today, the number of people who wait to retire until between 66 and 74 years of age is expected to top one in four. At over the age… Read More

For many Americans, finally making it to Medicare age is somewhat of a right of passage. Why not? Working Americans have paid into this system most of their lives, and now it is time to reap the benefits. Just to ensure that you are familiar with the enrollment process for Part A and Part B,… Read More

Initial Coverage Election Period – Medicare Gals http://youtu.be/En5UHMrQ4Ik Mary: Hi, I’m Mary Sondra: And I’m Sondra Both: And we’re the gals that keep you in the know Mary: Today we’d like to wish anyone having their birthday between February and May a big Both: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sondra: If you’re turning 65 at that time you… Read More