During open enrollment, you will probably get approached about many different Medicare health insurance programs. While the vast majority of people who approach you are licensed insurance agents who adhere to strict ethical and legal standards, it pays to be careful in order to protect your own identity and personal information. Of course, you can… Read More

Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements both provide seniors with a way to minimize and control out-of-pocket health costs and maximize their benefits. Additionally, both types of senior health insurance are strictly regulated by federal and state insurance laws. However, these types of health insurance plans work very differently, and it is important to understand… Read More

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Medicare Part A and Part B help beneficiaries pay for many health costs, but they do not pay for everything. For example, not all possible medical services are even covered by either Part A or B. Even covered services might include copays, deductibles, and coinsurance costs. Many Medicare┬ábeneficiaries would rather predict and control their health… Read More

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