Mail-order and online prescription services have become a much more source of drugs these days because they help control costs. In fact, many insurance companies encourage the use of online or mail-order pharmacies that they have contracts with. If your Medicare or health insurance company recommended a certain pharmacy, you can be sure they checked… Read More


Both Medicare Advantage and Part D plans come from private companies that must be approved by CMS. However, Medicare rates these plans each year. They use a five-star rating system and publish rankings at the beginning of open enrollment each fall. These ratings are actually very important to consumers and insurance companies.  Medicare’s 5-Star Medicare… Read More

Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements both provide seniors with a way to minimize and control out-of-pocket health costs and maximize their benefits. Additionally, both types of senior health insurance are strictly regulated by federal and state insurance laws. However, these types of health insurance plans work very differently, and it is important to understand… Read More