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The good news is that social security payments are safe from the vast majority of creditors. According to MarketWatch, people who get behind on a credit card or car loan don’t have to worry about having social security income garnished. Creditors are not even allowed to take it out of a bank account for two… Read More

Here is another handy website that you can visit to find local resources that may help you or a loved one remain independent at home despite aging or a disability: The prominent feature of the site is a lookup form that delivers results right to your computer monitor, tablet, or smartphone. You can search… Read More

Is it a good idea to take early Social Security benefits, or should you wait until you reach your full retirement age or even longer? The Social Security Administration says that they calculate payments with a formula that is based upon life expectancy. If a person lives the amount of years that the chart predicts,… Read More

Many healthy seniors enjoy an independent lifestyle, but others need long term care from residential care facilities or caregivers who can serve them at home. Today’s seniors (and families) might select options to live at home, in retirement communities, or even in residential long term care facilities. While some options don’t cost much more than… Read More

Does your vision of an ideal retirement include lots and lots of travel? If so, you are not alone, and you might even join millions of other retirees who live in the road in RVs and campers. It helps to have plenty of money to support a wandering lifestyle, but many retirees also supplement their… Read More

Hopefully, you can consider your retirement a new beginning. The freedom from having to report to work every day may give you more time to pursue varied interests and enjoy a life without work-related stress. In order to make retirement even more comfortable, many seniors decide to downsize. Keeping some things that made sense during… Read More