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The good news is that social security payments are safe from the vast majority of creditors. According to MarketWatch, people who get behind on a credit card or car loan don’t have to worry about having social security income garnished. Creditors are not even allowed to take it out of a bank account for two… Read More

You may remember having to answer a lot of health questions in order to apply for life insurance in the past. However, having some health conditions to report does not always mean you will get declined for life insurance. The fact that you smoke, could stand to lose a few pounds or even take prescription… Read More

Understanding Retirement Annuities as a Safe Money Solution Typically, insurance agents are not supposed to talk about life insurance as an investment. However, life insurance companies sell fixed annuities, and these can be viewed as an investment or savings product. Retirement annuities can provide a safe and guaranteed opportunity to invest money with better payouts… Read More