Many senior citizens have to live on limited budgets. In some areas, housing is very expensive. However, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, usually called HUD, offers senior citizens help with housing. Many programs are also offered in coordination with a variety of state and local services, and some examples of this will… Read More

As people age, physical, mental, and vision changes might make falls more likely. Some medications may even make it harder to balance. The problem is serious enough that falls are the main source of injury with elderly people. If you or somebody that you care fall is at risk of falling, consider some sensible prevention… Read More


We enjoyed spending time with members of our community yesterday at a Health & Wellness Fair held in Fort Bend County. Medicare Gals: St. Patrick’s Day – Health & Wellness Fair http://youtu.be/-hw2qNKs10c We’d like to thank The Providence Home Health & Hospice, Inc. for inviting us to participate at the fair. If you would like… Read More