Some doctors say that arthritis is the price that we pay in old age for being able to walk on two legs for almost all of our lives. Sadly, this condition affects almost half of all senior citizens to one degree or another. It’s also the most common cause of disability with elderly folks. While… Read More

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Medicare expects membership in Medicare Advantage plans to keep growing as a percentage of all beneficiaries. For 2015, about one in three beneficiaries decided to join one of these plans. As open enrollment for 2016 is only a few months away, there might be some information from 2015 plans that can help recipients find the… Read More


Many senior citizens have to live on limited budgets. In some areas, housing is very expensive. However, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, usually called HUD, offers senior citizens help with housing. Many programs are also offered in coordination with a variety of state and local services, and some examples of this will… Read More


Some people may only be concerned with drafts during the winter. This is likely to be a time when people notice cold air coming in. However, sealing up drafts for summertime is critical in order to keep houses more comfortable and save money on energy bills. Consider Calling a Pro to Spot Leaks Professionals can… Read More


Choosing a local nursing home for a loved one often turns into a difficult and time consuming task. Actually, there is probably no way to make the choice easy or quick, and it probably shouldn’t be. According to advocates of people who live in nursing homes, it it vital to speak to a variety of… Read More

As people age, physical, mental, and vision changes might make falls more likely. Some medications may even make it harder to balance. The problem is serious enough that falls are the main source of injury with elderly people. If you or somebody that you care fall is at risk of falling, consider some sensible prevention… Read More