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The good news is that social security payments are safe from the vast majority of creditors. According to MarketWatch, people who get behind on a credit card or car loan don’t have to worry about having social security income garnished. Creditors are not even allowed to take it out of a bank account for two… Read More

Is it a good idea to take early Social Security benefits, or should you wait until you reach your full retirement age or even longer? The Social Security Administration says that they calculate payments with a formula that is based upon life expectancy. If a person lives the amount of years that the chart predicts,… Read More

Some people may not realize that their Social Security may not only be based upon their own earnings. In fact, some folks are entitled to payments who have no earned income at all. Spouses, even divorced spouses, and other dependents may be entitled to Social Security survivors benefits if a family member passes away. Like… Read More

Article courtesy of The Medicare Blog. Medicare fraud affects everyone. You can team up with Medicare to help. Our Senior Medicare Patrol volunteers are teaching people like you to spot, report, and stop fraud, and protect themselves from identity theft. Here are some things you can do: Guard your Medicare and Social Security numbers. Treat them like… Read More