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Medicare expects membership in Medicare Advantage plans to keep growing as a percentage of all beneficiaries. For 2015, about one in three beneficiaries decided to join one of these plans. As open enrollment for 2016 is only a few months away, there might be some information from 2015 plans that can help recipients find the… Read More


Both Medicare Advantage and Part D plans come from private companies that must be approved by CMS. However, Medicare rates these plans each year. They use a five-star rating system and publish rankings at the beginning of open enrollment each fall. These ratings are actually very important to consumers and insurance companies.  Medicare’s 5-Star Medicare… Read More


Medicare Gals: What are Star Ratings? What are Star Ratings?  0:40 – How does CMS determine what the Star Rating for a plan is going to be? 1:00 – Does that mean the patient has an impact on the Star Rating? 1:53 – What is CMS looking for from the plan? 2:22 – How… Read More


Medicare Gals have been busy getting us ready for Annual Enrollment Period, answering questions from agents and customers alike! The latest videos from their series field some questions you may be having. hMedicare Gals: What Can Agents Do Prior to AEP? Questions asked in this episode: 0:33 – Prior to AEP, what can an… Read More