Serviced members, wounded veterans, caretakers, and many others may find useful information in a project called the National Resource Directory, or NRD. You can learn more about the NRD project on the Office of Warrior Care Policy website or by going directly to Basically, this directory was developed as a guide to all sorts… Read More

Before discussing how veterans benefits might help pay for long term care, it might be helpful to define what long term care usually means. This is a very broad term that typically covers everything from help with normal activities (Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs) to help managing illnesses and infirmities. This care could be… Read More

Many veterans, and some active-duty service people wonder if they need to enroll in Medicare Part B as soon as they qualify. Most people over 65 qualify for premium-free Medicare Part A, but they are required to pay a premium for Part B. This year, this premium is $104.90 for most eligible people, but that figure could change… Read More

After serving our country in a branch of the US military, many veterans are entitled to health benefits through the VA. However, VA doctors and hospitals are not always convenient options. The vast majority of retired veterans also qualify for Medicare Part A and Part B, and many also choose to maximize those benefits with… Read More

With the last 4th of July still fresh in our memories, we should all feel pretty patriotic and thankful for the freedom that we enjoy in America. Of course, we all know that we have military veterans to thank for these freedoms. How would you like to pay back just a tiny portion of that… Read More