seniorcouple.jpegAbout a third of Medicare recipients in the United States are expected to join a Medicare Advantage plan in 2016. Meanwhile, between a fourth and a fifth of U.S. beneficiaries plan to use a Medicare supplement to help enhance their health benefits. The rest mostly rely upon some other kinds of health coverage that include job benefits or other kinds of public plans.


The biggest choice beneficiaries have to make is between paying higher premiums and getting more robust benefits. While Medicare Supplements C and F are the most popular because of their robust coverage, they are also the two most expensive supplement levels. They cover the gaps in everything and may eliminate most concerns of high out-of-pocket expenses.


However, Medicare Advantage plans do come with out-of-pocket limits. Once you reach this limit, you pay nothing out-of-pocket. If the limit and your premiums are the same, it’s easy to make an argument that a Medicare Advantage plan would be a fine choice.


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