fallEven though people of any age could get caught in a fire or even trip and fall down, senior citizens are many times more likely to get seriously injured or even die from home accidents. That’s why it is extremely important to reduce the risk of household hazards in homes where senior citizens or disabled people live.


Tips to Keep Senior Citizens Safer at Home


As an example, the fire department in one Texas city published statistics that seniors who are older than 85 are over four times as likely to die in a fire. In addition, any seniors over 65 are more likely to be seriously injured in a fall. In this city, the fire department offers free home safety assessments. This service may also be available in other cities from fire departments or other organizations, so it’s worth checking out.


Smoke alarms for people who are hard of hearing: Smoke alarms have been proven to save lives, and they are not very expensive. If the home’s occupant is hard of hearing, you can even find alarms that flash strobe lights or activate a bed or pillow shaker. These devices can be commonly found at home improvement stores or online.


Preventing falls: The first suggestion is to simply make sure that clutter is kept cleaned up, so there’s nothing to trip on. Other tips include making sure that the home has good lighting, even night lights, and that commonly used items are easy to access. There are some more tips about ways to prevent falls at home on WebMD.


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