2K_Ijw41IpQMdbPAWAX0bEf1fPMOe-6hIJHj8iSxzJ8,hv2zs2BIGz4_fw4Jz07S2xeXqh6MALhDr-TyMjS3pp4Assisted living facilities are residential homes for elderly or disabled people who need help with activities of daily living but not full-time medical care. That’s a pretty loose definition, but there really isn’t a standard for assisted living facilities. Some are very large complexes that also have independent and nursing care in the same building, but others are located inside of small family homes. The right choice for a loved one really depends upon available facilities in the local area and the individual’s and family’s needs and preferences.


What to Know About Assisted Living Facilities?


At a bare minimum, assisted living facilities should provide clean rooms, meals, housekeeping, and assistance with activities of daily living, or ADLs. Activities of daily living include such care as hygiene, diet, and bathing. However, most of these facilities offer more than just basic care. For example, they may offer a schedule of activities to help keep residents engaged and alert. They usually have games, a TV, movies, and other basic entertainment for residents.


While it isn’t required, some larger assisted living homes also have nurses on staff. Some also schedule regular visits by different medical providers for the convenience of their residents. Alternatively, they may provide transportation to nearby clinics. Of course, larger complexes provide all sorts of amenities, including field trips, visits by beauty professionals, and more.


If possible, it’s a good idea to schedule visits to a handful of local facilities to take the chance to meet the staff and other residents. It’s also helpful to bring along the individual who will be staying in the facility to involve her in the decision as much as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, Medicare only pays for short-term stays in nursing facilities. Long term care insurance may help finance residential living for seniors. If you have any questions about long term care or Medicare insurance, call us at 855-474-6234 or schedule an appointment here.